How do I fix security policy prevents use of camera?

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security policy prevents use of camera

Do you receive a security policy prevents use of camera on your Android smartphone? Many users have informed this error message in multiple forums and it seems to happen mostly specially on Samsung devices.

This is an annoying problem because it prevents you from using the camera app. Every time you launch the camera app, this message will appear. This section explains what could be causing your Samsung to display this error message and how to fix it.

Why does “security policy prevents use of camera” occurs?

Security policy prevents use of camera appears the smartphone due to a number of factors given below:

1-Wrong configuration of the camera app and the phone’s settings

It is one of the main reasons behind the mentioned problem. If the camera or phone settings are misconfigured, there is a higher chance that you will receive a security notice on your Samsung or any Android mobile.

2-Mis Match with a 3rd party application

Some of 3rd party applications may affect the operation of your phone’s camera. In this case, the camera will not start and you will receive a notice about the privacy policy.

3-Corrupted cache data

If the cache or data files of the camera app are corrupted, you might have a problem with the camera app.

Easy way to remove security policy prevents use of camera from Samsung or any other Android smartphone.

1-Restart phone

Restart Samsung phone

Commonly the problem is just a glitch and it can be easily fixed if you simply restart the smartphone. It is probably that restarting your Samsung device is sufficient to fix the above mentioned problem.

If a problem does persist, then better restart the smartphone after removing the SD card and SIM card from it.

2- Run Samsung Phone’s Camera in Safe Mode 

Security policy prevents use of camera can also occur because malicious apps or customizations may have interfered with the camera module. In this case, checking the phone camera safe mode should fix the problem.

Camera in Safe Mode

1- Press and Hold the power button by the side and wait for the power menu to appear.

2- Press and hold the Power option and you will be prompted to enter in Safe Mode.

3-Simply tap the Safe Mode option on the screen to enter Safe Mode on your Samsung device.

3. Deactivate the Sensors Off Feature

The phone’s sensor plays a central role. If you have them disabled or if they are not configured correctly, you will face a privacy policy that prevents the use of camera notifications on your Samsung mobile phone. So you need to make sure that the Disable sensor feature is turned off on your smartphone.

4. Deactivate Device Admin Applications

One of the major causes of this issue is Admin applications. To ensure this, you should look for the device admin app in your phone’s settings. Launch the Settings app and tap Biometrics & Security. Select the Other Security Settings option. Then tap on the Device Admin application

Step by Step Method

1-Start the Settings app and tap Biometrics & Security.

2-Choose the Other Security Settings option.

3- Then tap on the Device Admin application.

Deactivate admin app

6-Resest Camera App.

Each user uses the camera app through some customization. This allows the user to take better photos that are in line with the person’s trademark. However, sometimes these adjustments fail and cause camera malfunction. In such situations, factory resetting the camera app is the best way to fix the problem.

How to Reset camera app ? Step by step Method

  • Open the Camera app
  • And tap the gear-shaped icon in the upper-left corner of the panel to access camera settings.
  • Scroll down
  • And tap Reset settings.
  • Do Confirmation
Reset setting

After reset the setting hopefully your issue will be resolved.

7-Clear Cache (Data from Camera App)

Security policy issues can also be the result of corrupt cache files. Camera apps are like any other application. Create a cache file to store data. If these files are corrupted in any way, the app will not work properly and will cause trouble. In some cases, it may not start. Clearing the camera cache and data is the best thing to do in this situation.

How to clear cache? Step by step method

  • Open the Settings app on your Samsung smartphone.
  • Tap Apps and find the Camera app.
  • Tap the camera app and pick storage options under app info.
  • At the bottom of the next page you will find Clear Cache options.
Clear Cache

8-Factory reset of Android phone (Samsung)

If any of the solutions don’t work for your Samsung phone, you should do a data factory reset. Factory reset is an effective solution to many Android problems. However, this procedure will erase all your customizations and data. Therefore, it can be a hassle for users. But if you backed up your phone beforehand, you don’t have to worry.

Step by Step Mehtod factory Reset

  • Run the “Settings” app on your Samsung phone and
  • Tap on the “General Management” option.
  • Tap the Reset option and select the Factory data reset button.
Factory Reset

These all methods apply on Samsung Mobiles

security policy prevents

use of camera samsung s10

security policy prevents use of camera

security policy prevents use of camera samsung s10

Samsung a11 security policy prevents use of camera

security policy prevents use of camera s21 ultra

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