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pocket tripod pro review

Why do you have to put the tripod behind you in such a case? One such breakthrough is the Geometrical Pocket Tripod Pro. Here’s an in-depth pocket tripod pro review that breaks down why it’s the second best product on the market today.

The latest trends in technology are the miniaturization of electronics of iPhones and laptops to military gear, we tend to associate smaller electronics with better technology. The miniaturization of electronics is driven by the industry’s desire for speed, efficiency, energy, and weight reduction while keeping products as cost-effective as possible.

Construction of Tripod (pocket tripod pro review)

It features a carbon fiber construction with a plastic outer layer, making it durable and able to pick up and throw anything. It’s exactly the same size as a credit card, so it’s very convenient to always have it on hand. It’s as thin as two credit cards, so it doesn’t take up much space in your wallet or bag. As a gadget lover and myself, we love all the little moving parts that turn this tiny credit card sized tripod into a handy tool that anyone can use.

Moving parts of Pocket tripod (pocket tripod pro reviews)

With moving parts and the overall convenience of a pocket tripod, it looks and feels like a rugged little device that retails for $35 and makes it a great investment on the go. The cost of the latest iPhone. It comes with a small standoff that can be used to mount almost any phone. It doesn’t work for me, but it’s not inconvenient.

It’s about a quarter the size and designed to fit the size of your phone. A central swivel feature allows you to adjust the shape and size of your credit card to a tripod to rest your phone on. The swivel feature is very unique and fun to play with.

pocket tripod pro review

Geometrical aspects (pocket tripod pro by geometrical)

Pocket tripod pro review when it comes to aesthetics, GEOMETRICAL’s Pocket Tripod Pro features a pepper body covered with holes, shapes, and edges that each serves a different purpose. Additionally, the small credit card shaped, tripod has an intentional dimple to enhance the industrial design aesthetic. Weighs less than 0.4 oz.


Knowing how compatible your gadget is with other devices is definitely an important consideration.So if you’re wondering if GEOMETRICAL’s Pocket Tripod Pro will work with your smartphone, the answer is yes However, the version of GEOMETRICAL’s Pocket Tripod Pro you choose plays a big role here.

The GEOMETRICAL Pocket Tripod Pro usually comes in two different versions. Single size version. This model may be the cheaper of the two, but it doesn’t come with extra mounts. This means that if you change devices or lend his Tripod Pro to a friend or colleague who has a different smartphone, your Tripod Pro may no longer work with that device.

Also commonly referred to as the Universal Kit, his second version of GEOMETRICAL’s Pocket Tripod Pro promises versatility and can be used with a variety of smartphone devices.

How to choose a smartphone tripod?

Before Buying a pocket tripod or mini tripod is not as difficult a decision as buying a smartphone. However, you should be aware of the following factors:

Compatible with Different Smart phones

You may have read pocket tripod reviews and learned about other mini tripods that attach easily to your phone, but after all, what’s a tripod worth if it’s not compatible with your smartphone Whether you have an Android or iOS smartphone, the tripod you buy should compatible with your smartphone. Also, when shopping, watch out for tripods that require additional mounting adapters for use with your phone, and choose consciously if you compromise.


As with all purchases, it’s important to budget before buying a mini tripod for your smartphone. Once you enter the market, you will probably be inundated with options. A budget is a way to refine your buying decisions.

Variables in Functions

Tripods have many features worth considering. For example, experiment with how your tripod of choice folds up and whether the legs snap together. Also, are you satisfied with just buying a tripod, or do you want something that works as a selfie stick? Beware of flimsy products that don’t have a limit.

pocket tripod pro reviews

Cosmetics Matter

For many people, aesthetics greatly influence their purchasing decisions. After all, you’re going to be using your tripod outdoors, so it’s not a crime to choose something that looks visually appealing.

  • Ability to stabilize photos and videos
  • You will get perfect photos.
  • Attaching a tripod to your smartphone can reduce unwanted camera shake and image blur
  • Many tripods available on the market today are portable and easy to carry.
  • A mini tripod is useful for making memories and taking photos.
  • A tripod is also great for long time-lapse photography.
  • Tripods of some brands, expensive.
pocket tripod pro review

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